Coffee, coffee, coffee ☕️

My sister, Allison, and I took a ton of pictures this past Sunday. We started out our trip at this new coffee shop in Westminster called Birdie’s Cafe. I had a salted caramel hot chocolate and it was so good! I am definitely going back there again.

I have a lot of pictures coming up of fall decor and new styles that I am excited to share. Even when I am freezing taking these pictures, my sister saves the day. She let me have her jacket and then take it before she would take a few shots. I am not sure how some of the fashion bloggers take pictures in the winter in just a tiny dress! I would freeze my booty off, lol.

Hat: Kohl’s

Scarf: Charlotte Russe

Jacket: Charlotte Russe

Shirt: Kohl’s

Pants: Hollister

Shoes: Marshall’s

Purse: Macy’s


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