The Fashion Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I recently quit my leasing job due to the stress of it all. I decided in the meantime, I would start a fashion blog to see where this goes. I am extremely excited and if you have any advice, please comment or contact me!

I have always loved looking at fashion ever since I was little. I loved magazines and looking at pictures online. You all know that I went crazy once Pinterest went live! 😅  Fashion is a big part of my life so I feel it is time to share it and enjoy it with others.

The picture above is a bit old but my sister, Allison, is going to help me update my pictures sometime soon! 💃🏼 My fashion style is comfortable and budget friendly. The stores that I usually shop at are Forever 21, Kohl’s, and Target. I do spend a bit of money on my purses. I am a purse addict. Coach is my favorite purse brand and the outlets in Hagerstown always have great deals!

Hat : Kohl’s

Top : Abercrombie and Fitch

Jeans : Hollister

Shoes ; Kohl’s


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